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About this ministry 

Servant's Heart International Ministries (SHIM) is dedicated to teaching the process of Salvation in the proper context.

Since the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the gospel, which is supposed to be the good news of our salvation from inherited Sin, has gone through various transformations. The latest and most popular transformation has been to repackage salvation, so that its primary benefit is thought, by many, to be prosperity or material wealth, instead of the privilege of living a Sin-free life and, thus, knowing the peace and power of God's presence in this world.

Today, many church sermons often include or, at least, strongly suggest prosperity-promises, which were in fact made by God, but not in the way that is taught, today. Of course, that's not to say we cannot or will not receive material wealth, due to God’s Name being on us and His favor being with us; but, too often, ministers today will reach back into the covenant God made with the Israelites of old and take out only the very best perks, while conveniently leaving behind the burdensome conditions—the Law—they had to comply with, in order to fulfill their covenant and receive those perks. 

Material wealth appeals to humanity's inherent carnal nature. The real purpose of God' salvation is to empower the believer to overcome and minimize his or her carnal nature, not indulge or appease it. 

Like other ministries, SHIM is committed to helping believers renew their mindset: to move from focusing, primarily, on the things of this physical world, to setting or focusing their affections on the supernatural (unseen) things of God. But, first and foremost, we take the time to stress that this renewal process is not just for the popular, crowd pleasing purpose of gaining material wealth; rather, it is to ensure the God-design purpose of leading a spirit-led life, while still living in this Sinful world. 

Without a renewed mind, it is extremely difficult for Christians to see (through the eyes of their faith) that the supernatural benefits (i.e., God's presence, peace and wisdom), which are supposed to be gained through our spiritual salvation from inherited Sin, surpasses the material wealth the Israelites briefly enjoyed after their physical salvation from Egypt. 

As we all begin to renew our minds in the way God wants us to, we will begin to desire the presence and peace of God more than we desire a new car, a new house or more money. Money is a good tool, which can assist us in our everyday living; but, money is not the only tool needed to have a prosperous and God-designed life in this world. The best tool and weapon to accomplish that is a renewed mind, because the mind is where our struggles and battles begin and end.  

The book “One For All” takes the reader from the beginning—in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve—through today, so to speak. It covers our ongoing struggles to regain what was lost in the Garden. But, in the big picture, or in the grand scheme of things, the most important thing that was lost is not Paradise or having every possible need met. The most important thing that was lost was our relationship with the spiritual God in Heaven. 

Our relationship with God is the FIRST thing that the God-inspired kind of salvation is meant to restore. The other man-inspired things (e.g., material wealth and the like) are all by-products of having God’s presence in us and having His name on us.

The bottom line is this: We all need to have the Mind of Christ, not the mind of this carnal world.  

Just to be clears: Neither this ministry nor the book “One For All” promotes a religion-based poverty mentality, which says we should be poor and go without, as if to suggest that Jesus and His disciples were poor and went without the basic necessities of life. Material wealth is part of God’s design for our lives; but, it’s not meant to be the primary part. There really is something more valuable than material wealth: spiritual prosperity. 

"But [desire, endeavor, enquire, require] first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these [material] things shall be added to you.”

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 6:33 



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